Moving Money for Impact: A Guide to Gender Lens Investing

An engaging, in-depth publication that offers the frameworks, case studies, and resources  for investors to explore a holistic approach to realigning their finances. Directing resources to women, girls, and women-led initiatives is critical to creating an equitable world for all.


Liz Morgan | Design, Production, Infographics

Jenny Summers | Creative Direction

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Brand Strategy: Project White Out

An exploration of white space in the luxury wine market conducted for the Innovation team at Constellation Brands. We were tasked with digging into the $40+ tier and identifying gaps that needed to be filled.


Liz Morgan | Creative Direction, Strategy & Research

Jerome Maureze, Rosanne Chan, Scott Peterson, Adrian Fernandez, Sean Rush | Strategy & Research


Various Logo Design


Liz Morgan | Creative Direction, Design


Liz Morgan | Creative Direction

Maya Ostrander | Ravenswood 40 Years

David Lance Goines | OG Ravenswood

Lori Rosales | Vetted Vine

Ravenswood 40th Anniversary Logo
Vetted Vine logo

Tides : Investing for Impact 

Investment recommendation white pages for donor partners.



Liz Morgan | Design


Gallo : Brand Strategy

Brand strategy relaunch for an existing brand. Included coming up with four different directions that the brand could go in, the archetype, personality, strategy and mood board.



Liz Morgan | Creative Direction, Strategy, Design


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