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SIMI Winery 140th Anniversary Video

This video brings to life the SIMI Winery story, our sense of place, rich history and the passion that flows into each bottle of SIMI Wine.


Team Roles:

Liz Morgan | Creative Direction, Styling

Jerome Maureze | AD

Scott Peterson | Videography

projects  |  digital. 

Barefoot x OREO 

Barefoot partnered with OREO to create a wine that paired well oreoBF X with cookies. We were charged with creating assets for web, social and paid media to promote the partnershop. We created a teaser, getting people excited, then videos showing the partnership. A limited amount of product was produced, so there was  major scarcity mindset happening for consumers. 


Team Roles:

Liz Morgan | Creative Direction

Sam Harachis | AD

Jesse Alvarez | Photograpahy/Videography

Emma Thompson | Styling

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