Project Denim



Create a new-to-world brand from wonderfully aging whiskey stocks (6-17 years) held in a distillery in Canada. Will be a blend of Canadian Whiskey and American Bourbon. Will test three brand concepts in consumer testing, then optimize from there.

• American Whiskey has had high-end success, but Canadian Whisky has not (yet) 

• Our liquid flavor profile is closer to a bold American bourbon than a Canadian 

• Crown Royal has done well with younger multi-spirit consumers despite classification 

• Using similar phrasing, design cues and tropes as American whiskey could help to overcome the resistance to origin of this brand and appeal to a wider whiskey audience 


• Should look at home on an American shelf (even if it ends up in Canadian) 

• Entice a passerby to pick it up—this should look like whiskey but NOT be recessive 

• Look premium


• 70% Male/ 30% Female 

• Multi-category spirits drinkers, they shop across whiskies, vodka, tequila 

• Social Leaders and Experienced Discerner’s. Key motivational factors: be an informed drinker, buy the best, be a good host



Oldman river cuts through the landscape, straight through the middle of town. Original settlement which was called Coalbanks. High Level bridge/viaduct is picturesque. Water filters down from mountains and used to cut whiskey. Design strategy: Sense of place; historic.



Our town comes from whiskey. Fort Hamilton was established in 1869 by two Montana traders as a whiskey trading post and is soon nicknamed Fort Whoop-Up. The fort’s illicit activities, including the illegal sale of whiskey and the flying of an American flag over Canadian soil, eventually lead to the creation of the Northwest Mounted Police to keep them under control. It later grows into the town that becomes Lethbridge, and still stands today on the banks of the Oldman River, a short distance from our whiskey distillery. Design strategy: nostalgia/history.



The distillery has been holding back choice barrels for over ten years, unable to sacrifice them to cheaper products. Most were laid down in order to bottle a high-end whiskey years ago. It’s a selection of choice whiskey, slowly aged in the cold Alberta climate, blended with powerful American Bourbon and bottled at 92 proof. The distillery has been begging us to find a home for these barrels before they evaporate into the Alberta prairie air. Design strategies: Lost treasure; tradition.


Concepts for Coalbanks, Coalhurst, Lostwood and Ft. Whoop Up


Team Roles: 

Liz Morgan | Creative Direction, Design

Jerome Maureze, Lori Rosales, Rosanne Chan, Sallie Reynolds Allen | Design

Project Denim Concepts
Project Denim Concepts
Project Denim Concepts
Project Denim Concepts


Revised concepts for Coalbanks


Team Roles: 

Liz Morgan | Creative Direction

Jerome Maureze, Lori Rosales, Rosanne Chan | Design

Project Denim Concepts
Project Denim Concepts


Final design for Coalbanks Whiskey


Team Roles: 

Liz Morgan | Creative Direction

Jerome Maureze | Design

Adrian Fernandez | Production   |   (415) 341.4295   |   LinkedIn

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