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case studies.

SAVED Wines—Collections Campaign

Giving a brand compelling marketing photography

Who: SAVED Wines

What: Marketing photography campaign: Creative direction, strategy, storytelling, styling

Result: Photography campaign used across marketing channels

project summary.

SAVED Wines is a collaboration with famed tattoo artist Scott Campbell. The brand has an edgy feel—hip and stylish. The brand marketing team needed photography for all of their activation efforts—website, POS, advertising. They engaged us with the challenge to come up with a campaign idea that was different, that really fit the brand.



We were able, in a two-day shoot, to provide the brand with unique photography that was on-brand and they could use across all marketing activation channels.  


my role in the project.

As the Creative Director, I collaborated with my creative team to create a concept for photography that was interesting, unique to the brand and flexible in use-case. I drew up the treatment, helped source the location, did all of the prop shopping and styling, and managed the creative direction on site.


challenges & constraints.

As usual, budgets and time were tight. Being a flea market junkie, I was able to ‘source’ many props from my own home. The brand marketing team stepped up and were our models in the shoot. We sourced a location that had multiple spots to create vignettes that fit our concept. This was a true collaboration and the end results were exactly what the brand needed.


Berkeley High School PTSA Website

project summary.

The Berkeley High PTSA was in need of a modern website that fit the needs of a rotating array of parents and students to keep it updated. The existing site was outdated and did not fulfill the needs of parents and students.



Launching mid-year was not ideal, but it paid off in an increase in new site visitors by a whopping 84%.


my role in the project.

I designed and implemented this site on the Wix platform. With a changing roster of parents and students needing access year over year, they needed a platform that was easy to use and flexible. I held a training session for students and parents to show them how to make changes on the site, they were instrumental in getting all of the content up before launch.


challenges & constraints.

We were working with volunteers, which always makes things a bit challenging. There were also some scope changes throughout the process—all of which led to a much greater site experience (aka: scope creep is not always a bad thing). 


Original site.


Redesigned site.


Woodbridge Pinterest ad campaign

project summary.

I helped increase brand awareness by 11% by creating a Pinterest ad campaign with compelling visuals that spoke to consumers and built their awareness of the Woodbridge brand. The team and I did this by showcasing the wine and food in visually compelling ways and highlighting a recipe that was easy for consumers to make.



After the 3-week campaign, user polls showed an 11% increase in brand awareness by selected consumers on the platform. 

making wine consumers on Pinterest aware of Woodbridge.

Woodbridge has a very strong, loyal Facebook community, but wine consumers on Pinterest were not as aware of the brand. We knew from Facebook data that Woodbridge consumers liked recipes that included wine. But they have to be simple—no more than 5 ingredients, and nothing that couldn’t be found in your standard grocery across the country. We needed to come up with recipes and photography that were “Pinterest worthy”, simple, compelling, and would create brand awareness. 


my role in the project.

As the Creative Director, I collaborated with my creative team, the Woodbridge brand team and our Pinterest account manager to create an approach and strategy that would work on the specific platform and with what we knew about the typical Woodbridge consumer. I sourced the props, while working with my photographer and art director on production logistics. We brought in a food stylist in order to make sure the food was perfect. A designer on my team created the ads for Pinterest using our photography.


challenges & constraints.

We had a small team and a small budget. We chose a studio that would serve our needs and used in-house equipment. Planning out the logistics of the shoot day-by-day helped to streamline our process. We had to switch food stylists due to availability, and ensure that the style we were working towards was consistent. In the end, we created a graphic approach to the ingredient photography, and kept the finished dish shots simple, approachable, and delicious looking.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 11.38.43
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 11.37.50

Robert Mondavi Winery Video

Driving sales through brand repositioning

Who: Robert Mondavi Winery

What: Brand repositioning video: strategy, approach, storytelling, creative direction

Result: Helped lift brand sales by 15%


project summary.

The RMW brand team was undergoing a product refresh in order to justify a higher price point after years of erosion. They needed a video to show sales staff and distributors just how special this iconic brand is. We crafted a beautiful video that tells the story of the brand, how important it is to the Napa Valley and a reminder of the high quality of the product. They wanted goosebumps, we got them—a few tears too.



Combined with a packaging refresh and new POS, this video helped sales and distribution understand why the price increase needed to happen. Sales were lifted by 15%.  

users and needs. 

B2B: Internal sales staff and external distribution partners.


Robert Mondavi winery is a pinnacle of Napa Valley winemaking history. They are situated on one of the finest vineyards in California, and can demand a high price for the grapes grown there and the wine made from it. The price of the wine had been eroded over the years, and needed to be refreshed in order to stay profitable. Brand marketing and winemaking knew how good the product was, and what kind of price it should be commanding. Convincing sales staff and distributors was another matter. 


We were charged with creating a video that “gave them goosebumps”, really got across how special this brand was—the history, the vineyards and the product. As an internal team, we already knew a lot about the history of the brand, but we dug in deeper with the brand team, winemakers, and long time employees of the winery. We found such a storied past, so many characters, and so much love to bring forward.


The resulting video was incredibly well received. Brand marketing didn’t just get goosebumps, they got a bit teary too! And just as important, we were able to help internal sales staff and external distribution partners understand why the price increase was necessary.


my role in the project.

Collaborated with my creative team, we pulled out key pieces of the storied history of the brand and crafted an approach. I helped coordinate key players, production schedule, and creative direction on and off set.


challenges & constraints.

As usual, time and budgets were tight. Coordinating key contributors travel schedules was also an issue. We planned out our days at the winery well, got all of the footage we needed and then some, and crafted a strong story.


FRAME San Francisco Website

Enabling appointment booking for small business during pandemic

Who: FRAME SF Custom Framing

What: New website: design, implementation, UI/UX

Result: 731 unique bookings in 7 months, allowing business to boom while staying open and safe

project summary.

In order to stay open during the pandemic, this small business needed to create a website with an online booking platform to control the number of people in the store. I designed and implemented a business website that showcases their work and allows customers to book appointments, allowing them to stay in business and stay healthy and safe. They have had 731 unique bookings in the first seven months of the site being operational, and business is booming.



A small business booms despite the pandemic downturn.  

my role in the project.

I designed and implemented this site in Wix, a platform that allowed the business owner to go in and make changes as he needed to, and to manage his bookings easily. The owner has a long history of being in punk bands and a part of the punk culture, so the site reflects that in its aesthetics, while staying professional. 

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